Since 1993, Risun Electronic has served it's customers with PCB fabrication and R&D for new product development needs.

Risun Electronic has the desire and ability to meet your electronic contract manufacturing needs.
Our capabilities include:
 PCB fabrication: prototype, small to mid-sized and mass production, up to 30 layers
 Test fixture design
 SMT Stencil

Let us tailor-made for your rigid & Flex PCB needs, and wish could built long-term business relationship together.


Products have been widely used in communication equipment, automobiles, computers, medical equipment and other fields.

Risun Electronic Science Environmental Protection Info

Since the establishment of the Risun, the pollution prevention facilities have running in good condition, and few phenomena of excessive emission happened.

In 2005, the company moved to the Building D3, Section 3, Fuqiao Industrial Park, Fuyong Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, in order to scale up the production. And daily sewage treatment capacity 300 Ton/day after expansion.

The equipment is all run in good condition since it has been officially put into operation.



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